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our NGO and corporate partners help us create more impact across the communities we serve through programming in the first mile
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fighting ocean plastic
and child labor with work

Truittier, Haiti’s largest landfill is located in the community of Molea, a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince where many of the families in it’s residence rely on waste collection as a primary source of income. These families often face the difficult choice of involving their children in this work to ensure the security and well-being of the family. While we believe strongly in supporting income opportunities driven by utilizing waste as a resource, children working full-time in waste reclamation does not fall under our definition of dignified work.

Rather than eliminating these critical income opportunities needed by these families in our supply chain, we have created a joint partnership with WORK, HP, Timberland, and ACOP to address the issue of undignified child labor in the supply chain. We call this program the First Mile Coalition (FMC).

As a partner, WORK leads the efforts in providing services to the 300 Haitian children in the landfill with access to medical care, educational opportunities, safety workshops and supplies, and job training and placement in the future.

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fighting ocean plastic and child labor with hp

HP has been actively reducing ocean-bound plastic in Haiti since 2016, when the company began partnering with the First Mile Coalition to convert plastic bottles into recycled material used in Original HP ink cartridges.

“Our investments and partnerships in Haiti are a great example of the positive change that can happen when business and NGOs come together to support shared objectives, “ said Ellen Jackowski, Global Head of Sustainability Strategy and Innovation, HP. “We are keeping millions of plastic bottles from ever reaching our oceans, converting them into sustainable products, and creating new opportunities for local residents through job creation and education.”

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The Asociación Civil Cooperativa Mixta Juvenil Emprendedores Solidarios (CMJ) was founded as an organization that provides services and employment opportunity to young people who were once in gangs.

Since 2008, they have been working in El Ocotillo neighborhood, which is the community close to the landfill servicing San Pedro Sula in Honduras. They have partnered with several global NGOs bringing access to healthcare, education, and technology to the El Ocotillo neighborhood. In 2017, they partnered with the First Mile to create the Mejores Program which works with children that used to work in waste reclamation in the landfill. The children are provided scholarships, access to school supplies, tutoring programs, and a social worker. As they grow, this program seeks to help them explore career opportunities to pursue following school.


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