First Mile
Responsible materials traced from bottle to finished product.

First Mile Team

Meet the First Mile team in the US, Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan.


OUR team

The First Mile team has been singularly focused on materials reclamation, supply chain innovation, and the human capital associated with trash for nearly a decade.

We seek to be the best in the world at building compelling stories around supply chains that are authentic to brands and connecting those reclamation claims to the foundational financial strategy of your business, so that you protect your top line and operating margin.


Richardson Antoine

Haiti Country Manager

Richardson helps connect recycling collectors with center owners and center owners with recycling facilities in Haiti. He ensures these businesses grow and thrive impacting communities across his country. Richardson believes that the biggest sense of pride from using recycled product is when you know you put a smile on the face of the person in the First Mile with your purchase.

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Brenda Haitema Arjona

Head of Asia

Brenda connects all the parts of our eastern hemisphere supply chains, working from the First Mile to yarn spinners to fabrics to brands. She believes that we don’t need 10 eco warriors doing 100%, we need everyone doing 1% to tackle the global plastic problem we all face.

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Honduras Country Manager

Mario is responsible for executing ways of making a better quality of life for the First Mile collectors and center owners in Honduras. He is proud that at the end of the day he sees his job making a difference in this world.


Kelsey halling

Head of Partnerships

Kelsey helps global brands make better products by connecting them with First Mile material. She believes that recycling is magic and that the true climate change heroes are the entrepreneurs turning waste into a resource every day.


Gaby Liou

Taiwan Country Manager

Gaby is responsible for understanding the living conditions of Taiwan’s First Mile collectors. The collectors’ shared experiences represents trust in our team and with one another. She hopes that in the future, she can help these collector’s overcome their challenges and help them become partners with each other.



Production Manager

Jia manages the movement of First Mile material building a traceable and transparent chain of custody and verification system. He believes that sustainability is the obligation of our generation and that First Mile material is the only recycled material to truly offer a triple bottom line approach to sustainability.


Cineas Marius (Junior)

Haiti Impact Coordinator

Cineus (Junior) ran a recycling collection center in Port au Prince so understands firsthand the challenges our entrepreneurs face and how to improve the recycling system. He believes that each bottle counts to make a positive change in people’s lives.


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